Every Home Inspection Has Negative Inspection Findings. Don’t Panic.

No House is Perfect to a Professional Inspector

A Certified Home Inspector is trained to see tens of thousands of defects and deficiencies. Every house has them, I assure you. Expectations of a home that is perfect-in-every-way won’t even be found in new construction. I observe, measure, test, and record deviations from standard rigorously. Many findings are casual things that every homeowner simply needs to know, such as upcoming tasks that should be considered part of an the ongoing home maintenance that are simply part of the cost of home ownership. Some findings are dire warnings that affect the health, safety, or economic interests of the buyer. We have done our duty to protect the buyer when reporting those findings in particular. In reality, the majority are great old homes, but none are perfect. All need ongoing maintenance. Expect findings. Home buyers and agents both love my unique reporting structure and delivery that conveys to the buyer the level of concern they should feel about each finding.

Our Inspectors are Agile, Flexible, & Responsive

RPM Home Inspections & Evaluations are complete, descriptive, and ethics driven. Our clients know the good, bad, and ugly. We are committed to serving the best interest of our clients by providing all the information they need to make a fully-informed decision on the purchase of their new home. Our inspectors are willing to work the hours that fit your schedule, if need be. You can expect a full briefing by the inspector (not simply a report) and they are always available for follow-up questions later. Our Team is also certified to perform further inspections such as the Fortified Home program.

Reliable Professionals for Every Eventuality

Through the years we have created a network of professionals that we can recommend when any further analysis or corrective action is required, further action on a home inspection is well outside the norm. Our network of seasoned professionals include Structural Engineers, HVAC professionals, Mold Remediation Pros Atlanta Georgia, Electrical Contractors, Civil Engineer/Landscape Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Foundation Shoring and Leveling contractors, Insulation contractors, Plumbing contractors, Well Systems Specialists, or even reliable Handyman services.

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